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  The evolution of 5G technology permits enormous information and data transmission. In addition to telecom equipment, 5G development will include a huge amount of base stations and servers and these will transmit more data concurrently through new antenna designs. It will be possible to watch 4K video through phones or TVs without lagging, personal ID can be acknowledged through digital security surveillance, and low latency will allow self-driving cars to handle real time traffic information and avoid accidents. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) can easily be incorporated into factory management, eHealth learning, car driving, education, and the hospitality business.  

Three Storage Solutions for 5G Device Requirements

The 5G revolution has driven tech companies into a new competitive battle. A survey by Keysight Technologies revealed that 5G networks have been developed in over 54% of all tech companies in the world. The participants of the survey included 355 technology managers and strategists who are working for tech companies and service providers. 98% of the survey participants have realized the great impact of 5G towards the tech world, while 46% of those claimed that they wanted to keep their own leadership position in the market through the investment of 5G technologies. 63% of these companies confirmed that 5G could significantly improve network reliability and latency.

MEMXPRO is ready for 5G with new industrial and enterprise storage products and introduces a new generation of 5G memory and flash module solutions targeted at global 5G companies.


<Solution I> For 5G Servers - DIMMs Hit the Mainstream

Commercial-grade servers make up the majority of the market and thanks to the growth of data centers for cloud services, the percentage is increasing. It is predicted that it will grow from 35% to 40%. For DRAM modules, 5G will expand data center growth. The usage of server DIMMs with ECC and REG functions is also soaring.
MEMXPRO offer DDR4 Server/Workstation memory modules running at JEDEC standard 1.2 V power supply with data rates up to 2400MT/s. ECC DIMM and RDIMM support ECC functions to detect and correct error codes with built-in thermal sensors to prevent systems from overheating.

<Solution II> For External 5G Router - Wide Temperature DDR4 SODIMM

5G routers for 5G FWA enable the establishment of a quick and cheap broadband services, even in areas that don’t have ready access to fixed line home broadband. MEMXPRO industrial wide temperature DDR4-2400 SODIMMs integrate into future outdoor 5G router models and are ideal for extreme snow and ice climates where high performance and product stability are critical.
DDR4 SODIMM is a memory module running at JEDEC standard 1.2 V power supply with a data rate up to 2400MT/s. MEMXPRO offers reliable DDR4 SODIMMs for various embedded and industrial applications in product choices of standard, extended, and wide temperature ranges.

<Solution III> For 5G Switches - 10K P/E Cycle TLC mSATA

With the advent of the smart phone, online video, social media, IoT and all kinds of new digital content, trillions of data transmission are made every day. More applications will need to transmit via data centers through 5G networks, driving the need for metro Ethernet switches, data center switches, and broadband access switches.
MEMXPRO mSATA is designed for use in new 5G switches with small capacity, small footprint, and high speed transmission storage features.
MEMXPRO mSATA ET30 is budget friendly SATA III 6Gb/s embedded flash storage designed with 10K P/E cycle 3D TLC NAND to boost system performance and enhance endurance. The ET30 series features LDPC ECC and RAID Engine technologies, ensuring high data integrity and reliable data transmissions.
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