Quality Commitment

MEMXPRO takes every effort to improve our innovation and technology capability, continuously refining our products, services and processes to meet or exceed our customers’ and our partners’ requirements. To promise customers the highest quality products and services, our quality commitment policy is defined and driven by the following principles.

MEMXPRO’s Quality Commitment:

  • Continuous improvement in product innovation.
  • Proactively pursue quality and reliability.
  • Increase customers’ overall satisfaction.

A Customer Focused Company:

  • The understanding of our customers’ expectations can help build mutually profitable and trusted relationships, and help us meet our commitments for quality, cost, schedules, safety, service and technology innovation.
  • In addition to our professional experience, we actively research and make best use of preventive practices to ensure reliable risk management.
  • Our continuous development and innovation is based upon efficient business processes, well-defined metrics, best practices, and customer surveys and feedback.

Supply Chain Management:

  • We strive to coexist and co-develop with our suppliers. We expect to form close partnerships to achieve customers’ quality requirements and build consolidated and sustainable supplier relationships for reliable sourcing.
  • The understanding, quality and regular evaluation of suppliers’ materials helps to develop an executable improvement plan in supply chain quality assurance.
  • Latest information technology and precise decision-making means we receive the best supply chain information. Through structured data analysis, we can conduct effective control over cost, materials, and inventory.

Continual Internal Improvement and Innovation:

  • Building quality into our day-to-day work is essential. MEMXPRO complies with ISO standards and we encourage challenges to our ways of working to extend the limits for what is possible.
  • We regularly conduct internal auditing and follow procedures that improve personnel educational training, infrastructure, operational environments, equipment maintenance and calibration management.
  • At every stage including material purchasing, finished goods, stock and dispatch, production control and inspection, we ensure our customers can be assured of the best quality products and prices.

ISO 9001:2015

MEMXPRO is accredited with ISO9001: 2015 certification for quality management systems. Through the implementation of these procedures and standards, we work in a systematic way and integrate quality processes and behaviors into our team’s objectives and daily operations to demonstrate our commitment and determination to be a quality focused sustainable enterprise.