Power Management

Power failures can include blackouts, brownouts, surges and spikes. SSDs are often used in removable storage applications or battery charged devices where a reliable power source cannot be warranted. Especially in automotive applications, the environment inside a moving vehicle is full of hazards and power conditions can become unstable. MEMXPRO runs extensive power cycling tests on all products before shipment to validate there's no data corruption during power outages. Besides that, MEMXPRO also performs overcurrent/overvoltage protection (OCP/OVP) and uses our Power Plus technology to ensure data integrity in power failure scenarios.


Most MEMXPRO’s SSDs and flash modules are equipped with a built-in OCP (Over Current Protection) and OVP (Over Voltage Protection) IC. It is able to shut down power to protect its data when encountering abnormal currents and voltages. The SSD recovers automatically when overcurrent/overvoltage conditions are over.

Power Plus

MEMXPRO Power Plus with firmware control and POSCAP capacitor design prevents data loss from an unexpected power failure. The power hold-up time with Power Plus is about 40~85ms, which is long enough for all data in the DRAM buffers to be totally written back to the NAND flash ensuring data integrity.

Device Sleep Mode

DevSlp or DevSleep is a feature in some MEMXPRO SATA SSDs which allows them to go into a power saving "device sleep" mode when sent the appropriate signal, which uses one or two orders of magnitude less power than a traditional idle about 5 mW or lower. This DevSlp signal can wake up the drive, and it will allow SATA link to be shut down, reducing further the power consumption.