MEMXPRO offers a wide range of proven technical features developed with extensive testing of hardware, software, and firmware to enhance excellent endurance, performance and robustness, as well as ensure advanced data integrity and security required in various embedded systems and industrial applications.


SMARTPro is a Memxpro self-build intelligent device management agent which is designed to provide product details and S.M.A.R.T. information for MEMXPRO's flash products. Thus, users are able to monitor health, temperature and the lifespan of each installed disk in the system. In addition to supporting MEMXPRO SATA 3 SSD series, SMARTPro 3.0for Windows provides disk status in MEMXPRO’s DRAM DIMMs and NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 SSDs. It also supports Intel RAID (IRST) to accurately recognize and detect RAID cards of every disk. For advanced users, this new version provides information regarding readable spare blocks, average erase counts, history records for that month (disk temperature, health status, spare blocks, average erase counts, power on hours, relocated sector counts, total host reads, and total host writes). Integrated with an enterprise database, the system will record SSD status and store data logs to benefit big data analysis and other applications.

Thermal Sensor for Temperature Detection

A thermal sensor built-into MEMXPRO’s memory and storage modules helps to measure accurately temperature ranges and prevent systems from overheating to further ensure stability.