Data Security

Data security ensures that all data is reliably and safely protected from authorized access. Below are the major data security techniques we can apply to selected MEMXPRO SSDs and flash storage modules.

Write Protect

Triggered by software or hardware, Write Protect can be set up for read-only permission to avoid overwriting data or erasure.

Quick Erase

Quick Erase is a hardware of firmware-based data sanitization method for heightened data security. The Quick Erase command instructs the SSD controller to write “1” into all pages to ensure the integrity of the data. Even if the device is powered off after a secure erase command has been issued, the process will continue after power has been restored.

AES Encryption

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm is used for the encryption and decryption of data in order to prevent data theft from hackers and malware. Specific keys are required before using the SSD. AES 256-bit has a long block size and key sizes of 256 bits and is among the top ciphers.

Data Self-destruction

For certain highly sensitive and confidential data, data self-destruction function is capable of physically destroying the SSD itself and making data permanently inaccessible and unrecoverable in a controlled manner. Through a preset software command or hardware button, an over-voltage current is applied to the controller which destroys it completely.