SMARTPro enhances disk activity monitoring and back-end server management

MEMXPRO Launches SMARTPro 2.0 Storage Device Monitoring Tool Supporting Big Data Analysis for Industry 4.0

MEMXPRO’s SMARTPro 2.0 version with SMARTPro server supports Digital Industry 4.0.

August 24, 2016 – MEMXPRO, the industrial SSD total solution provider, launches SMARTPro 2.0 upgrade version with significant function enhancements, including instant disk activity monitoring on the local and backend server side. Following the movement from “Industrial Automation” to “Smart Factories”, and with flexible manufacturing and a tight IT budget in mind, MEMXPRO makes available storage disk data to help customers efficiently conduct detailed data analysis to help streamline their business. MEMXPRO also announced that all its SSD and flash modules will be able to run its SMARTPro device monitoring management software with disk status information, problem detection, and data acquisition features.

The fuel driving this digital transformation of IoT and Industry 4.0 is big data. Aside from a series of feature-rich industrial SSDs, various form factor embedded flash storage solutions, and industrial memory cards such as CFast and CF, MEMXPRO emphasizes its expertise on software development and hardware integration, introducing new functions in SMARTPro that sense disk status and collect product information for device management, facilitating optimized decision-making for production planning and process flow management. MEMXPRO’s new enhanced SMARTPro 2.0 version is able to show read/write speeds and total disk activity, as well as helping to trace and manage disk utilization. Another enhancement is back-end server side system monitoring. Integrated with an enterprise database, the system will record SSD status and store data logs to benefit big data analysis and other applications.

To satisfy the need for employing monitoring tools on various computing devices, even portable devices, MEMXPRO’s SMARTPro supports Windows, Linux and Android platforms. After checking the serial number of MEMXPRO’s storage products, users quickly receive SSD information, including health status, device temperatures, and estimated lifecycles. At the same time, all S.M.A.R.T log information is visualized in a clear graphical format. This makes it easier for users to read their information, and helps save on development time and cost.

MEMXPRO has expertise in product development, design for manufacturing and industrial storage devices, and understands that software is critical to future intelligent system applications. In addition to SMARTPro, the company put a lot of resources into SoftWare development to build a comprehensive software offering, from pre-installed OS, SSD related SDK, SMARTPro, SaveOS for system backup and recovery, and a cloning tool to simplify software solution development. MEMXPRO also provides customization services for various OS platforms to meet customers’ specific requirements, accelerating product development and shortening time to market. MEMXPRO SMARTPro helps customers ride the wave of the Industry 4.0 digital transformation. For more information contact your local sales office or visit the website.


MEMXPRO provides reliable industrial memory and flash storage solutions with integrated design services to cater for the customized needs of industrial OEM customers. Products are used in a variety of applications including automation and manufacturing, environmental control, military and aerospace, network and communications, automotive and transportation, medical and healthcare, gaming, retail, and more. At present, MEMXPRO’s main product lines focus on DRAM and flash memory storage devices through PCIe, SATA, and USB high-speed storage interfaces, and support various capacities in different form factors. MEMXPRO strives to deliver high-quality products and unsurpassed service, becoming one of the leading brands for industrial memory solutions around the world. For more information, please visit or email us at


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