Defense & Aviation

Failure is Not an Option

Military applications for defense require rugged, reliable, secure memory and storage solutions for acquiring and analyzing data from the air, land, or sea, to the command center. MEMXPRO develops a variety of military-grade memory and storage configurations that can operate reliably in extreme environments and that meet the strict requirements of high-sensitive data security. Plus, MEMXPRO offers customization options for specific challenging and mission-critical applications in defense and aviation.


  • Private/secure network communications
  • Rugged embedded and portable computers
  • Unmanned aircraft system
  • Vetronics


MIL-STD-810G compliant Military-grade shock & vibration resistance
IP-6X protection Conformal coating water and dust resistance
AES 256-bit encryption and ultimate data security Various data security levels from Write Protect, Quick Erase, military-grade encryption, to self-destructible data protection
Industrial-grade wide temperature Operating at -40~85°C with temperature fluctuations
Power Plus Shield in-vehicle data from an unexpected power loss
StrongMLC Endurance-enhanced SSDs: 20,000 P/E cycles
Terabytes of storage capacity Up to 4TB MLC mass storage SSD
Customization DIMM RuggedDIMM with enhanced ruggedness